The HMO Professionals: Morgan Grove


Managing Director, Ian Bluck

“Virtual Visits bring me tenant leads that are already converted the moment they turn up at the door for a physical viewing! The value I get from the Virtual Visit is incredible as I’ll get to use these tours again and again over the coming years, as and when tenants decide to move on.”

Can a Virtual Tour Sell a “Lifestyle”?

The Challenge:
Frustrated by the amount of time and resources their team had pumped into time-wasters and no-show viewings in the past, The HMO Professionals were exploring the possibility of digital tours. However, they were still unsure as to whether these 360-degree tours could be as effective at selling a “lifestyle” as an in-person viewing.

To put this to the test, they challenged us with developing an authentic, online tour that would make potential tenants imagine their properties as future homes.

The Solution:
After visiting one of the HMO Professionals newly-refurbed properties ourselves, we collaborated with their sales team to map out an ideal route and develop a supporting script. From there, we set to work filming and editing a 360-video Virtual Visit, which featured stops strategically placed at key points throughout the tour.

The result was a virtual visit that attracted more, better-qualified tenants who were already sold on this co-living space before they even had a chance to step through the door.

As viewers “walked” through the property, our guided audio narration highlighted the property’s best features, which meant that the HMO Professional team were able to do a single sales pitch for the property and use it across multiple viewings – a much more efficient use of their time and resources. We also included pauses at each stop, which empowered visitors to engage with their surroundings at their own pace, mimicking the feeling of an in-person viewing.

The Results:
Setting a new company record, all five bedrooms of Morgan Grove were leased in under a week. The HMO Professionals are so thrilled with the results, that they have asked us to replicate this process across their entire property portfolio.

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